We offer Early Bird, Regular Games, and Special Pull-tabs.  Our Kitchen offers fabulous Salads, Delicious Sandwiches and of course Hot Dogs.  We have a variety of snacks available, all at reasonable prices.  Come join the fun at our beautiful state of the art facility. It's always a fun-filled evening.

Thank You For Playing Bingo With Us.  We Appreciate Your Participation in Helping  Us Raise Funds For Charities in our local community. 

The Santa Ana Elks Lodge 794  &  The  Santa Ana Elks Bingo Committee


  1. SHOUT OUT YOUR BINGO -  You must be heard, sleepers will not be paid. 
  2.  Winners MUST BINGO on the last number called and have this week's admission ticket visible. 
  3.  NO  person under 18 yrs old  allowed
  4.  Multiple winners in any one game will be divided evenly. 
  5.  ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED IN THE BINGO. Our workers are doing their best to please everyone. 
  6.  Please, if you have any questions about the game being played or any upcoming game, ask any of the verifiers. 
  7.  The lighted number boards (TVs) are convenient and are NOT official.  The ACTUAL BALL DRAWN is what is official.  
  8.  The ACTUAL BALL DRAWN is what is official. Please be attentive and listen for each number called.  
  9.  All winning sheets must have numbers legible & clear enough to read for verification. 
  10.  NO games sheets from previous weeks are to use used unless authorized by the Elks Lodge 794. 
  11.  Absolutely NO bingo sheets from other establishments are allowed. 
  12.  The Elks 794 Bingo committee reserves the right to change games or prizes without notice. 
  13.  NO saving seat or reserved seats after 6 pm.  After 6 pm  saved or reserved seats must show buy-in. 
  14.  Minimum buy-in is $20.00 per person, extra packs  AVAILABLE
  15.  NO Stacking of chairs, this is not allowed. 
  16.  No spectators allowed in BINGO HALL
  17.  No glue or tape allowed.