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Our lodge has grown in leaps and bounds over this last year we would like to keep our lodge closer together in light of what is going on in our world today. This line of communication can be helpful to both our new members & long time members to put a name with a face.   

The Elks "Orange Coast District"  Leaders,  request the immediate implementation of the following Social Media Guidelines, prepared by Rick Gathen, Grand Lodge Membership and Public Relations Manager.

We reserve the right to remove comments and or materials from the Santa Ana Elks Lodge social media pages when those comments:

·        Are hateful, mean spirited or judgements

·       Are potentially libelous, obscene, or sexually explicit.

·        Are personal attacks, or involve profanity or insults.  

·        Are private or public information published without Lodge consent.

·        Violate any law or promote the violation of any law.

·        Contribute to or encourage discrimination or harassment.

·        Display photos of members drinking or smoking, 

·        Display photos considered harmful to the Elks image and reputation.

·        Contain the names of minors.

·        Divulge Lodge business that may violate your Obligation.

·       Are not positive and informative.


Grand Lodge News

Making social media work for you

By KIRK H. WALLACE, Committee Member

Local Lodges’ use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Lodge website, etc, can be a wonderful tool to spread the Elks message. However, there are things that you can do to help promote us especially on Facebook and websites.

Mainly, your Lodge needs to be easily identified. Make sure that your name identifies your Lodge to let Web surfers know exactly who you are. There are numerous Lodges whose page name does not properly identify the Lodge. For example “Gertrude Elks” or “Any-town Elks” – that does not explain where your Lodge is geographically located.

I have seen numerous Facebook pages that have that sort of name, and it is typically the name of the person who does the posting, or solely the name of the town, in which the Lodge is situated. The problem is, there are numerous towns across our great country that have the same name in numerous states!

Please label your Facebook or website name as “City, State, Elks Lodge #0000.” That way when people view your page, they will know exactly where your Lodge is located, especially if they are someone whom you have “friended.”

If you use a closed group, which is the best way, make sure the administrator of your group works with your Secretary to friend only Members of your Lodge whom you desire. But if you post on Facebook publicly, please be careful about whom you accept as friends, and be very careful with what you post and what is on your page.

Utilize the PR manual that your Secretary has, or go to Elks.Org to obtain it if you have any questions.

Administrators of your Facebook and/or website pages are very important and should be diligent to make sure any content that is posted presents a positive image to spread the Elks message.

Social media is here to stay. Let’s use it to the best of our advantage to attract Members and help our communities and country. Remember, membership matters!

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