Santa Ana Elks

1751 S. Elk Lane Santa Ana , Ca. (as of 2022) In the year 2018 we broke ground for our new building on Lyon St. Santa Ana, Ca.

Elk Lane - The  Street Name was changed

We are grateful that The City of Santa Ana approved to change our street name from "Lyon St" to "Elk Lane" and in 2022 the NEW STREET signs went up.

Santa Ana Elks

"1751 S. ELK LANE" has become our official address. We are finally home again on Elk Lane.

House of Representatives honor SA ELks

2019 - U.S. Congress - House of Representatives - "Honoring SA ELks 794"

Santa Ana Elks

212 S. Elk Lane. SA, Ca. Once again we found ourselves out growing our location. We moved to 212 W. Elk Lane next to the Santa Ana Zoo on April 2, 1961. This is where we celebrated our 100 year anniversary in 2002. This was our home from 1961 to 2018.

 310 North Sycamore Street

310 North Sycamore Street, Santa Ana. In 1907 we needed room to expand and purchased a lot in downtown Santa Ana. On March 14, 1911 we moved to this location. This was our home until 1961.