Lisa Darmousseh
Exalted Ruler

Lisa Darmousseh (Spouse: Albert & First Lady: Colleen Daddario)
EMAIL: exaltedruler794@yahoo.com

Picture of Tracy Smith
Leading Knight

Tracy Smith
EMAIL: tracy.smith2@marriott.com

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Loyal Knight

Jeff Brumett (Partner: Marc)
EMAIL: jeffbrumett@hotmail.com

Daniel Perez
Lecturing Knight

Daniel Perez (Spouse: Maria)
EMAIL: dmperez02@sbcglobal.net

Linda Fernandez PER (Spouse: Danny PER)

Linda Fernandez PER (Spouse: Danny PER)

Bill Capps (Spouse: Mary)

Bill Capps (Spouse: Mary)


Robert Jenkins

Sue McKee
Assit. Esquire

Sue McKee


Garland Flynn

Rose Dennis
Assistant Chaplain

Rose Dennis


Andrew Matthews (Spouse: Wendy)

Assit Tiler
Assistant Tiler

Elex Lopez

Assistant Tiler
Assistant Tiler

Lou Carlson

Inner Guard
Inner Guard

Joe Rodriquez (Spouse: Shelia)

Assistant Inner Guard
Assistant Inner Guard

Ismael (Smiley) Hernandez (Spouse: Irma)

Evelyn Godinez (Spouse: Richard)

Evelyn Godinez (Spouse: Richard)

Gene Jalbert PER (Spouse: Barbara)
Officer -at-Large

Gene Jalbert PER (Spouse: Barbara)

Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Lodge Officers are "Member" Elected Positions: Elections are held annually in Feb.

Exalted Ruler - aka "ER" – Is the The “President”.  He/she is the Executive Officer of the Lodge and enforces and performs duties required by the Laws of the Order and the By-Laws of the Lodge. The  Exalted Ruler  appoints all committee chairman  and has general supervision over matters pertaining to the Lodge.

"The Chair Officers" Are the  4 Knights of the Order  aka VP's.   Ideally, the Knight positions are rotated through  "The  4 Chairs"  in their respective order and then  raise up to eventually  become the ER.  The Knights move up a chair each year by  the members  voting  each year.   In addition, the Knights  (VP's) perform any duties appointed to them by the ER or  items that is specified in the "Laws of the Order"  or  "The Lodge By Laws".

Trustees/House Committee - Lodge 794  has 5 Trustees.  The Lodge Trustees control the funds and property of the Lodge and hold regular  meetings, keep a record of all investments and purchase all Lodge supplies, provide for an Accident Prevention Program and present an annual Lodge budget.  In our lodge 794 the  Trustees are also the "House Committee".   The  House Committee /Trustees control the bar/lounge  and all the social quarters of the Lodge.  All decisions and actions of the House Committee are subject to the control and direction of the Lodge and its members by discussions and vote at a Lodge meetings.   The ER is a non voting member of the Trustees. 

The Trustee meeting are held  3rd Tuesday of the month.  

The House Committee meeting are held on the 2nd and  4th Tuesdays of the month. 

Leading Knight  –   1st Vice President. Assists the Exalted Ruler in the performance of his/her duties. Will officiate in the absence of the Exalted Ruler. 

Loyal Knight  –      2nd Vice President.  Second in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler.

Lecturing Knight – 3rd Vice President. Third in command in the absence of the Exalted Ruler. 

Treasurer – Receives all monies from the Secretary and gives a receipt, pays approved bills of the Lodge, maintains record of receipts and disbursements, and signs all checks. 

Secretary – Records minutes of Lodge meetings, maintains Lodge accounts, receives all monies and forwards to the Treasurer, reads/answers all correspondence, prepares/administers membership cards.

All officers perform other duties as appointed or as required by the Laws of the Order or Lodge By Laws.

ER Assigned Positions:

Tiler – Stationed at the door of the Lodge at all meetings, he/she permits no person to enter without previous announcement and permission from the Exalted Ruler. 

Esquire – Is stationed to the right of the Exalted Ruler during Lodge meetings. He/she organizes the Lodge, prepares candidates for initiation and introduces visiting members. 

Chaplain – Stationed to the left of the Exalted Ruler during Lodge meetings, he/she recites the opening and closing prayers, and performs the duties required by the Laws of the Order and By Laws of the Lodge. 

Inner Guard – Positioned at the inner door during Lodge meetings, the Inner Guard allows only those qualified to enter.

The Chaplain, Esquire, Inner Guard and Tiler are appointed positions assigned by the new Exalted Ruler each year. All other positions are elected.

Contact Exalted Ruler: Lisa Darmousseh

If you would like to contact our Exalted Ruler or The Santa Ana Officer Corp, please use this form to submit any questions.