Dining Reservations:  714 - 547 - 7794

Lodge Office Staff : (9am - 5pm)  Secretary: Linda Fernandez , Bookkeeper: Evelyn Godinez,  Receptionist: Karen Mccartney,  Assistant to Secretary: Sheila Rodriguez

Venue: General Manager: John Moore,  Assistant Manager: Bill Jahant, Catering Assistant: Maria Bisbee

Celebrating 150 years with picture of our founding fathers

Our Founding Fathers

in February of 1868, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was chartered–and with a great spirit and direction, began to help Veterans, Scouting, Scholarships and more–wherever Charity, Justice and Brotherly Love were needed.

New Santa Ana  Elks building with Elk statues at sunset

2019 Our New Home

The Elks  bring so much more to their communities than just a building, golf course or pool. They are places where neighbors come together, families share meals, and children grow up.

* 7-6-20 we are open.  All Food and Beverage Services are  on the Club California Patio ONLY.

 NO TOURS of the lodge allowed at this time

** No members are allowed in the KITCHEN AT ANY TIME


 Reservations will be extremely helpful  please call desk  714-547-7794

1) The Lodge will be open for Lunch, Appetizers and Dinner  

2) We will NOT have KARAOKE  at this time but in the weeks to come  we will.  We will give you ample notice when it will start.

3) 25% of room occupancy is all we can seat at this time = Lounge 65,  Ballroom 85, Patio 50 and the Lodge room for Elk Meeting 125

4) Nest and Emerald are closed for now but will  be opening.   We have shut down the Emerald bar for now, so drinks will be run by server from main members bar in the McCalla Lounge.  Max occupancy for the Nest is 15  (pool table area).  The Emerald Room (bar area) max occupancy is  28.  We plan on opening to full capacity for Football.

5)  We  are forced to limit entry to 

     a. one Elk Member in good standing

     b. members spouse

     c.  Plus ONLY one guest per member 

6) NO TOURS of the lodge allowed at this time until further notice. 

7) ENTRY:  At the door we will check 

     a. VALID ELK MEMBERSHIP CARD 2020-2021 


     c.  EVERYONE'S BODY TEMPERATURE MUST BE TAKEN (by a none touch method)

8) Masks are required covering your nose and your mouth when walking about in side the lodge.  No mask is required once seated at your table.  All meals and drinks will be served by the staff and delivered to your table 

9) Everyone must sign in. 

Covid notice